Takayama Bamboo Matcha Whisk 80 Prongs


  • Authentic Japanese Bamboo Matcha Whisk
  • Cold snowy winters in the region produce the best quality bamboo in Japan
  • 80 Prong General Use
  • Nara Takayama Kitemark
  • Limited supply (we order 10 whisks every two months)
  • Made by 3rd generation master craftsman Inoue Wakasa
About Wakasa Inoue

Wakasa Inoue has been officially recognised as a master craftsman for traditional arts by the Japanese government. He was an apprentice under the strict tutelage of his father for 3 years before he was considered ready enough to produce whisks ready to be sold. He took on the traditional artisan name from his father in his thirties and became the 3rd generation master whisk-maker in his family. He spends a lot of his time now training the future generation of whisk-makers and documenting the history and styles of whisks for the national archive. His work can be found in the prestigious Takashimya department store in Tokyo and is recognised even among his peers for its high quality.

You can tell the difference!

All whisks may look the same to an untrained eye but a Matcha drink made with a Nara Takayama Chasen made by a master craftsman will be completely different. Apart from the exceptional workmanship, the locally sourced bamboo is of exceptional quality due to the harsh snowy winters that make the bamboo harder than that found in other areas of Japan.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
wayne thomas

Still waiting to receive it

riccardo casali
DHL gone wrong, still not delivered

Hi, my partner used to buy your products shipped via the national postage service.
It's the first time I personally order and when i found that shipping with DHL was the only option, i still placed the order, them being a reputable company.
Well, I'm still waiting (20 day as of today) for the delivery as they're stuck at customs checks. Not only they are awfully late, they ask for an additional 36€ (~40$) after the ~30% import tax.
With the national postage service i was never charged neither of those, plus the shipment itself was cheaper to begin with.
Result: -before dhl: 100(item_price)+ ~10€
(shipment)= ~110€
-with dhl: 100€(item_price)+ ~16€(shipment)
+ 36€(dhl import fee)+
(item_price+shipment)*0,3= ~187€
Conclusion: with DHL, your product are ~60% more expensive, I strongly suggest returning to offer a choice between regular mail and express courier.

Claudia Ramirez
Excellent quality

I have ordered the Matcha green tea several times. I have it always on time and the quality is very good.

Lindsay F
Worthy Investment

I love this whisk.
If you are a matcha lover, this is definitely a worthwhile investment. I save a lot of time and energy preparing matcha drinks with this whisk.
No more sifting and half successful blending with a classic kitchen whisk. This tool makes the jobs much easier!

Ruby Demello
Must Have!!

Bamboo whisk is delicate and great for Matcha. Gary was very quick to respond and shipping to Hawaii was timely. Also best tasting tea yet!!

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