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How to make matcha tea the Japanese way

how to make matcha gewwn tea

Why not try drinking Japanese Matcha the traditional way using a bamboo whisk called or Chasen in Japanese and a bamboo scoop or Chashaku? Just follow the instructions in the illustration above using only hot water and nothing else. For drinking matcha straight with nothing else added, a high quality Matcha such as our Kyoto Uji or Single Cultivar Matcha are perfect as they do not have any of the aftertaste or bitterness of lower quality teas. Vary the amount of water added to make it stronger, 'Koicha', or lighter, 'Usucha' depending on how you like to drink it.

TIP:Take a break from what you are doing, slow down and savor the flavor and aroma of your matcha drink. Focus on the day ahead. Sipping from a matcha bowl or 'Chawan' will heighten the experience.

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